• Jen Haefeli

Leading Ladies, Come one! Come all!

History is often white-washed. It’s time to illuminate and celebrate the women who fought alongside those who have been glorified for the fight.

Leading Ladies is dedicated to the many women who courageously studied, and used their voices and time to stand up for their morals. They fought for freedoms for all, demanded their rights, taught their peers, promoted their beliefs, and firmly held their ground when the world and the wind repeatedly tried to knock them down.

Download these FREE PDF patterns and create your very own Leading Ladies! Once you print and create them, share them, and read about these women I hope you are inspired by what you've learned! Get to know their stories, teach about them, and honor them by building the spirit of their tenacity within yourselves and our youth.

We continue to TODAY to press for the same rights and freedoms all across this planet that these women marched for, cried out for, and held banners and signs high for. We have the spirits of these Leading Ladies within us. We have their voices within us. We can honor them now and beyond. We are Leading Ladies.

Let’s join them. Come on Ladies! Let's LEAD.

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