• Jen Haefeli

Gardening 107

That's right. It's not a typo. Gardening 101 includes the basics: healthy, nutrient filled soil, seeds harvested from reliable resources, water, and proper care for growth. However at Harvest107 we aim to create sustainable food sources. We value our relationships and education is the core of the work we do. The goal is ambitious, but eradication of hunger is no small task.

Working in developing countries presents obstacles, boundaries, delays, trials, and at times outright heartbreak. It also presents opportunities of immeasurable joy when we overcome the very roadblocks once seemingly impassable. I work behind the scenes at Harvest107. I've had the advantage of seeing firsthand how the work that we do provides tangible evidence of how lives improve through proper nourishment. We partner with communities as they rebuild themselves. This is how we measure our success.

Our programming is designed to impact families for just $25.

A $25 donation to the She Initiative provides supplies and programming education to Haitian farmers to start and sustain her own organic garden.

A $25 donation to The Family Farm Pack provides a seed packet, tools, nutrient rich soil, and a bucket for watering their garden as well as instruction on how to succeed.

We have a goal of opening a training center to facilitate classes for the communities we work with. Would you like to join or create your own virtual team to help make this goal a reality? You can do so here: