Download the PDF file containing the Leading Lady Paper Doll Pattern of your choice. Included in your PDF packet you will receive directions on how to make your Leading Lady as well as included additional free material and hyperlinks for you to learn more about why she is an inspiring individual and a Leading Lady

All Leading Lady Paper Doll Patterns are hand drawn by Artist Jen Haefeli.

Leading Lady NASA Astronaut Dr. Kate Rubins

  • I’d like to introduce my newest project! Leading Ladies is an ongoing project intended to  commemorate the plethora of amazing women of the past and present.

    Every Leading Lady paper doll template is available in a PDF download to assemble at home. 

    Imagine the possibilities that await! Print these over and over. Share them, and pass them around. Make them or gift them. You choose! Please make sure that you learn about these women and all that they have accomplished! NASA & SPACEX, Astronauts, Cosmonauts, Taikonauts, Spationauts, and Space Travelers all have one thing in common. Their goal is the advancement of the human race through scientific discoveries found in space.

    Keep an eye on the site, as I will be adding batches of new designs! Don’t miss a chance to download an inspiring SHERO! Cheers to these Leading Ladies! May we be them! May we raise them! May we aim for the stars with them!

    I loved playing with paper dolls as a kid. They travel easily and provide a fun craft with an engaging activity allowing imaginative play to fill hours of time with adventures! My hope is that these incredible women will inspire generations of future Leading Ladies. The sky is no longer the limit!

  • NASA Astronaut Dr. Kate Rubins is just getting started, but she has already done exciting, inspirational, and groundbreaking work in her career working to find cures for viral diseases, the study of cancer biology, microbiology studies, and immunology. Prior to her work at NASA she lead a team working in tandem with The United States Army in developing treatments for poxviruses & filoviruses like Ebola and Lassa. Since joining NASA she has worked to study gravity’s impact on human heart tissue and her work may lead to screening tests and for cardiovascular treatment options in the future.

    Dr. Rubins' most recent accomplishment is that she became The First Person to Sequence DNA in Space. She is an incredible example of Ladies who Lead! Thank you NASA Astronaut Dr. Rubins!

    We've got our eyes on what you'll be doing next as a member of Crew Artemis when you head to the Moon in 2024!