Mid-Century Modern Jovita pays homage to Jovita Idár with Jackson Pollock-like style! Some might condiser this design messy and undisciplined, which strikes a contrast to Jovita's poised and firm Advocate foundations. However, the abstractions I utilized to provide a modern twist to this piece were intended to imbed the idea that populations transplant themselves, and blend. Much like the way colors find tertiary values when they meet with one another. They are no longer as they were when they left the brush or the bottle. Once one comes in contact with another, they have been impacted, changed.


The work of Jovita Idár will leave an impression on those who learn about her. Much like that of Pollock, if you learn you respect it. You no longer feel that it is haphazard. It has meaning and value, you respect it.

There is only one Mid-Century Modern Jovita. When it is sold, there will be no reproductions.

Mid-Century Modern Jovita

  • This signed, Hand-Embellished Watercolor Print by Artist Jen Haefeli is 6" x 9" and is supported by mattboard backer and wrapped in a cellophane envelope to protect it during transport. You will receive a short bio on the Artist as well as information on Jovita Idár's life and work. Please learn about her and why she has been chosen as a Leading Lady

  • If you are a fan of Jovita Idár please take a look at the Leading Ladies: 100 Years of Marching Boutique page to view her Paper Doll Pattern. Jovita has been chosen as a Leading Lady as she employed the values and tenacity of a true Leader. I hope that you enjoy learning about her!