Leading Lady Sets are made to store flat and set up easily! Choose a design, and print at home! I’ve created a Black & White Outline for each design so that you can color your own, or you can choose from the colors, designs and textures that I’ve pre-created for you! If you choose multiple sets, you can display them back to back standing upright and clip them together with paper clips or binder clips at the top of each panel to hold them together. Simply place each floor wedge in the corresponding location of your set and have fun playing with your Leading Lady


To allow for a Lazy-Susan type of turning set, you can use a large piece of cardboard or poster board and clip or use double stick tape to attach your floor wedge pieces to it! If you’d like to make your set permanent, you can laminate your set pieces to poster board, then use some of your brads to clip the pieces to a larger round piece of cardboard! Just remember to measure the cardboard to make sure you make your spinning board the right size before you punch holes in all of your pieces!


If you come up with a fun idea, please share it! A Maker’s Creative Space is in the works! I’ll gladly share your work in this space and send you some freebies for sharing your work with the Leading Ladies crowd! 


Sets Include:


Walls/Background (2 panels)*

Floor/Ground Wedge(s)*

Doors are included for wall/building sets*

*Some sets may include multiple of each

Leading Lady Combination Kit Muted Florals

  • This is a Combination Kit and Includes Multiple Sets for your Leading Ladies!

    Combination Kits are designed to provide play time with multiple sets. Instead of creating just one set, these kits include four wall designs, five floor wedge patterns, and two doors. The selections in the Combination Kits allow for all choices to compliment one another.  

    To create your sets, you will need to print your wall designs twice, and choose a floor wedge pattern to correspond with each wall design. You’ll notice there is one extra floor wedge. That is a bonus pattern! The door patterns are designed for you to choose if you would like for them to remain closed or if you would like to cut an opening in the middle to allow for French Door use. You may also choose to draw your own doorknob once you’ve chosen the location of your door and whether it is an inside or outside door! Your knob will be placed on the left door if it is an inside door, and the right door if it is an outside door.

    Have fun creating the World with your Leading Lady!


    • 5 Ready to print Floral Wedges in Muted Floral Tones
    • Dusty Rose Brick Wall (Print 2)
    • Light Gray/Taupe Wooden Wall (Print 2)
    • Green Beret Brick Wall (Print 2)
    • Deep Coral Wooden Wall (Print 2)
    • Light Tan-washed Doors
    • Gray Doors