"Defensora" is Spanish for Advocate. Jovita Idár's Advocacy work along the Mexian-American border is the focus of the "Defensora" series. Jovita had a strong conviction and a passion to assist those who were marginalized at the border.


Jovita aided her father through the publication of his newspaper and eventually continued the work he started when he passed away and left the newspaper to her.


Jovita was passionate about Advocacy and Suffrage, and her work is just as important now as it was 100 years ago. Please learn about Leading Lady Jovita Idár and the moxie she had. She was a true Leader

"Defensora" 1

  • "Defensora" 1 is matted and frame-ready in a white 8 x 10 matboard with a 5 x 7 cut. It will be enveloped in  acid-free cellophane for protection during transit. 

    There are four pieces in the "Defensora" series. Each piece is unique, numbered, and hand signed by the Artist, Jen Haefeli.

    You will receive a brief bio on the Artist as well as information on Jovita Idár's life and career so that you can learn more about this Leading Lady!

  • If you are a fan of Jovita Idár, you can find my Leading Lady Jovita Idár Paper Doll Pattern on the  Leading Ladies: 100 Years of Marching Boutique page. 

    The Jovita Idár Paper Doll Pattern comes with several pages of information on Suffrage as well as additional information on Jovita's life and her career! Please learn more about why Jovita was chosen as a Leading Lady!