• Jen Haefeli

Taking the steps...

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Sometimes taking the first steps can be the hardest, requires the bravest among us. Breaking away from the comfort of the pack, and standing alone seems daunting. The unbeaten path may not seem clear, but for some the instinct to follow their gut will drive them further than fear for the idea of not pursuing a hope and a dream is a misery worse than failure.

It only takes one step to create a new path. Others will recognize the trail. You will have ceased your existence as one of many, resigned your position as a follower. You will have become a leader.

Leading Ladies is a project designed with the intention of teaching the youth of today to believe that they have the spirit and the ability to do whatever they set their mind to. All they have to do is take the first step and many will follow.

Hats off to Bertha Benz and the many women who followed their instinct, didn't take a seat when it was hard, and not only took that first step but kept going. #LeadingLadies

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