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Hey there Valentine!

Valentines Day has always been my favorite day. Many think it is a day dedicated to supporting commercial sales and avoid celebrating it. Others may picture roses and chocolate. I have long loved Valentines Day because I see it is a day everyone can participate in. As a kid I loved preparing for the day by pulling out odds and ends to make a special little mailbox and individual delivery capsules, envelopes, and finding unique ways to fill small gifts with treats, notes and odds and ends like jokes or puns. I love that Valentines Day is a special way to let those around you know that they matter.

Each year I create Valentines for that reason. To let those in my life now that I care. It would be physically impossible to create enough for every single person in my life to receive one from me personally, so I've started creating downloadable Valentines available right here! These are FREE and can be printed as they are, or you can feel free to add more to them as you'd like! Tuck them inside of another piece you're making, or fold them and add them to a little bag of goodies. Do what you'd like, they're my gift to you!

If you're interested in participating in my Instagram Valentine fun, head on over to IG and like my page: Wildlyrooted1. Tag 3 people and write what you appreciate about their friendship! The more people you tag, the more we can fill the gram with memories of friendship and sentiments of love. That's my goal. I'll be drawing a name on Friday. The winner will receive this handmade Valentine! Keep it if you'd like, or give it away. That might be more fun!

You can download the FREE Wild Root Creations 2022 Valentine PDF Pattern here:

2022 Valentine Sheet (1)
Download PDF • 4.22MB

Please do your part to spread love and friendship this Valentines Day!

- Wild Root

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