Passionate About Awareness

I am passionate about advocating for the preservation of underserved cultures, human rights  womens rights, access to education, combatting food insecurity, recycling, up-cycling, reducing our carbon footprint, and conservation.


My work focuses on The Who, what, when, why, how, and I aim to produce pieces providing a 

'now you know, please learn more and share that information with others!' factor.  

Aesthetics, attention to detail, craft, historical significance & relevance, and 

educational awareness are all aspects of the basis of my creative process. 

When I'm not creating art, I work on projects and within organizations to help build others up, and hand the mic to those deserving amplification.

My work is available for promotional use as well as for fundraising.

Submissions are accepted via email. Please provide the following information:

Name, Organization,

501-c3 status (Non-profit/for-profit?)

Contact Information (email, phone & address for shipping quote),

Event & date

who/how this work will impact your organization 

How you learned about my work

Illustrations      Publications        Performance      Productions     Sculpture      Paintings    

Wearable Art       Collaborations       Non-Profit Work       Graphics      Media & Marketing  

Poetry       Set Design        Costuming       Historical Paper Doll Kits & Sets


Graduate of George Mason University: InterArts & Dance

Recipient of The College of Visual and Performing Arts InerArts Award (2004)

Silence & Darkness + Time Traveler_2000, 

Vocalist & Sr. Actor, Cyburbia Productions Live Movies (Fairfax, VA)

Professional Achievement Awards Include:

Hugs from My Kids

Woman of the Next Decade Award, Women Going Places (Orlando, Fl)

Honorable Mention, Matthews Fest (Matthews, NC)


Non-Profit Work:

Hearts for Haiti (Inquire For Customization)

Rockin' Haitian Mommas (Sold out)

The Dolly Project, Gifts for kids (500 + Donated)

"Lots of Love", Annual International Valentine Project

(see "Lawnchair Larry" for the 2021 work)

Current Memberships:

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania


Current board Work:

Board Member, Harvest107 (Port au Prince, Haiti)


Prior Board Work Includes:

North Davidson School of Arts (Charlotte, NC)

Haiti Foundation Against Poverty (Port Au Prince, Haiti)

The Foundation for International Development Assistance (Port au Prince, Haiti)

Committed to Advocacy

Wildly Rooted, Thoughtfully Created