Meet The Team

Jen, Wild Root

Momma, Wife, Advocate,

 Head Creator in Chief,

& Grand Poobah

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"She's just a little Wild Root, that one..."

~ Granny Good Witch

Spring brings new hope with a fresh blanket of dandelions and a season of wishes just waiting to take flight. 

Take the time to wish!

~ Wild Root


The Naughty Sweet Potato,

Executive Assistant

Head Trouble Maker In Chief

©2018 by Jennifer Haefeli. Proudly created with

Mabel Ping-Hua Lee

Hand drawn by Jen Haefeli, this free paper doll is available for download and re-print. Directions for assembly are found in the download as well as on the Ladies Who Lead page. Please feel free to share and learn about this woman! She is inspirational and should be respected and honored.

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